Company Profile

Intelact has been providing consulting services to farmers since 1994, beginning with the provision of on-farm dairy consultancy with a key focus on farming systems, productivity and profitability.

Intelact has become the southern hemisphere largest dairy consulting company focused on pastoral dairy systems, operating throughout Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The experience and expertise achieved by drawing on the combined knowledge of over 50 consultants coupled with knowledge gained from other international projects, has enabled Intelact to develop an in depth knowledge of all types of dairy farming systems and their integration into global dairy markets.

Intelact is a full service consultancy business offering consultancy and advisory services to agriculture – from grass roots through to the supermarket shelf. Intelact works with farmers, corporate and government clients; its point of difference being the organisation’s in-house knowledge of the full spectrum of issues facing agricultural businesses across these three client markets and, specifically, the applicability of these issues up and down the agricultural value chain.

Intelact offers its services on a stand-alone basis and in conjunction with industry peers and partners, ensuring that its clients receive appropriate advice relevant to their specific situation.

Intelact’s ‘on the ground’ experience, in conjunction with a wide variety of corporate and government experience contained within its 50-strong consultant base, positions it to offer a unique perspective in areas such as:

– Corporate Farming: On operations, management, expansions, acquisitions and divestures;
– Institutional Investors: On international agricultural investment opportunities, production prospects, end product markets, consumption trends and valuations;
– Value Adders and Processors: On supply strategies and end market trends;
– Professional Service Firms (including accountants, corporate recovery service providers, banks and insurance companies): On credit quality, management personnel, management plans and operational feasibility, and workouts (including management – Governments & Non Government Organisations: On policy including independent surveys and industry research.