Corporate Services

Intelact knowledge base and use of leading edge software to model the farm in terms of the physical system, financial performance and nutrient efficiency ensures that we rigorously cover all the checks and balances necessary to provide sound advice. This ensures that the management plans that are developed can be tested thoroughly to meet the objectives and goals of the client whether they are individual farmers, corporates institutions or government organisations.

This same in depth knowledge and rigorous modelling have positioned Intelact well to work with investor groups to develop farms and systems to deliver reliable and achievable returns that are not reliant on asset appreciation, to meet the goals of the investors.

Some examples of the corporate services we have delivered on either directly through Intelact or our subsidiaries are detailed below;


Project3030 was a 6 year project that was part of the dairy industry wide Feedbase program. The focus of the program was to consider forage options for leading producers who were already maximising their perennial ryegrass production, and test the viability of whether alternate forage options could be used to ‘lift the bar’, from both a production and economic standpoint by complimenting and building on the perennial ryegrass base.
Intelact was involved throughout the project, both as part of the steering committee, providing commercial insight and leadership on current best-practice, but were also responsible for the final delivery of the completed project to Industry. This included the consolidation of the information gained through the project, compilation and distribution of that information to industry through a range of media, including factsheets, interviews, farmer meetings, website design and industry presentations.


Intelact regularly works with investment groups and financial institutions to both review and manage assets. Through our previously mentioned software tools, we can accurately estimate the production capacity of well managed sites, for both existing and greenfield locations. From there we can develop accurate models, budgets and cashflows to demonstrate potential returns, and provide management system recommendations to maximise returns.
In addition, Intelact have experience in the evaluation of distressed assets, and where required, have become involved in the management of such assets to assist with recovery.