We are well aware that the majority of new business for Intelact comes from word of mouth. It is not what we tell you about ourselves that counts. Rather what our Clients say and their satisfaction with our advice, range of services and ability to get results for them is what ultimately counts.

Please take the time to hear some of our clients first hand by clicking on the play buttons below. Also read through a selection of client testimonials in print below.

Con and Tracey Crowley

Facing the common problem of plateauing milk production, the Crowleys were sure they could do more to enjoy better returns from their farm at Kaponga in Taranaki.

Intelact consultant Greg O’Byrne became their consultant in 2008 and over the years they have built a strong working partnership. Proven production gains resulted in the Crowleys winning the 2009 Taranaki regional Dairy Business of the Year award.

“I trust the information that Greg O’Bryne (Intelact) has to offer because I know Intelact has a strong research base and resources available. We feel we are getting the benefit of the skills of the whole team in the Intelact group through our consultant” Con Crowley

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Foster & Karen Kalma

Foster & Karen Kalma run a highly profitable farm milking 700 cows at Ngarua, in the Waikato.

“Intelact has helped me sort out what is really important, and we have been able to distill the information that is worth focussing on.”

Foster considers one of the key strengths of Intelact is their team of 30 consultants and specialists NZ wide.

“I would definitely recommend to other farmers that it is worthwhile getting your farm measured or analysed so you can compare to others, in order to find out what areas are really important to work on.” Foster Kalma

View their whole testimonial here.